Board of Directors

The NASDDDS Board of Directors is responsible for administering the affairs of the association and establishing all organizational policies. The board is composed of four officers and four members-at-large. All board members are elected by the membership. The officers serve concurrent two-year terms, while the board members-at-large serve staggered, three-year terms.

Current Board Members

  • President

    Bernard Simons
    Deputy Secretary
    Developmental Disabilities Administration
    Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

  • Vice President/President Elect

    John Martin
    Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

  • Secretary/Treasurer

    Beverly A. H. Buscemi, Ph.D.
    South Carolina Department of Disabilities & Special Needs

  • Board Member-at-Large

    Alex Bartolic
    Disability Services Division
    Minnesota Department of Human Services

  • Board Member-at-Large

    Courtney Tarver, J.D.
    Associate CommissionerDivision of Developmental Disabilities
    Alabama Department of Mental Health

  • Board Member-at-Large

    Barbara D. Ramsey
    Deputy Office Director
    Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
    Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing