APSE Public Policy Committee Raises Concerns About Language in Section 511

The national APSE Public Policy Committee is concerned about the vague language in Section 511 of WIOA regarding ‘reasonable period of time’ and the potential negative impact such vague language may have on operationalizing practices at the State Vocational Rehabilitation level in supporting youth and young adults experiencing significant barriers to employment.

Members of the committee, Pat Rogan, Rie Kennedy-Lizotte, and Bob Lawhead specifically wrote about concerns around the language that states:

“The individual (youth 24 and under) has been working toward an employment outcome specified in such individualized plan for employment, with appropriate supports and services, including supported employment services, for a reasonable period of time without success.”

“We feel it is imperative that specific guidance be provided by the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) to clarify what is expected in terms of activities/services and what is a reasonable amount of time to complete these activities when assisting individuals with significant disabilities to get and keep employment.”