California Competitive Integrated Employment (CIE) Reform for Individuals with Disabilities

DOR, CDE, and DDS, in conjunction with Disability Rights California, formed an interagency workgroup to begin development of a blueprint.  The workgroup membership is comprised of subject matter experts on topics related to competitive integrated employment. The workgroup meets weekly and work products developed by the workgroup are shared with stakeholders for input and feedback throughout the blueprint development process.

According to the workgroup’s meeting minutes, the following areas are being explored in the blueprint:

  • Development and administration of training for education, employment and day services providers, department staff, regional center staff, consumers, family members and others.
  • Promotion and restructuring of state funding for integrated work sites. Preservation of consumer and family member opportunities to make informed and meaningful choices. Phasing out of payment of subminimum wages in state funded employment.
  • Expansion of engagement with and outreach and training to private sector employers.
  • Expansion of the capacity of and number of support employment providers.
  • Development of meaningful outcome measures and improvement of the data collection and sharing among the three departments.
  • Expansion of the availability of competitive integrated employment opportunities. Development of a common understanding of integrated and competitive employment.
  • Improved interagency coordination including referral processes between agencies and the continuity of transition planning from school to work.

Please note that this is a work in progress and no final decisions have been made on these areas at this time.

FMI:  Read the new memorandum as well as other important information on California’s Blueprint at: