#CrisisTalk Article with Mary Sowers

“IDD experts don’t need to go out on every call, but it’s essential that there be someone on call. Bringing in a person who understands IDD and how its manifesting can help avoid a fatal or traumatizing interaction.” Read the full #CrisisTalk interview with NASDDDS Executive Director, Mary Sowers, “Getting Rid of Policy Relics and Ensuring 988 Works for People with IDD”.

FMI The full article can be found at this link: https://talk.crisisnow.com/mary-sowers-on-getting-rid-of-policy-relics-and-ensuring-988-works-for-people-with-idd/?fbclid=IwAR1tVYzyBPQ7LnFmfRB9MLhhxyOvJFwccNzSZ45lo1Vo_46BzBR591dSBwM