DC Plans to Incorporate the “LifeCourse Framework” into “No Wrong Door” Planning Grant Work

The District of Columbia (DC) has received a No Wrong Door (NWD) planning grant. NWD grants are administered by the U.S. Administration for Community Living (ACL) in partnership with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) to assist states in planning for a NWD System intended to help people with disabilities access long term services and supports (LTSS).

According to a recent article from the Supporting Families Project News publication, the funding available as part of this grant will support a year-long planning process co-led by the state Medicaid Agency, the State Unit on Aging, and those state agencies responsible for serving people with I/DD, physical disabilities, and mental health support needs. A snapshot of those involved in the process include self-advocates, Medicaid agencies, local organizations that serve or represent the interests of individuals with physical disabilities, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, service providers, and other relevant public and private entities.

The article states that “the DC team is working to incorporate the LifeCourse Framework as they re-design the front door to long term services and supports as well as the person-centered planning process; which includes supported decision-making, to ensure everyone makes their own decisions and receives adequate support to do so.”     

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