Hawaii Releases Interim Report for the DD Division

The Hawaii Department of Health, Developmental Disabilities Division (DDD), implemented a series of initiatives starting in 2016 to modernize delivery of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and improve the experience of those who rely on these services. The Human Services Research Institute (HSRI), in collaboration with Health Management Associates/Burns & Associates and the Hawaii Center on Disability Studies, were retained to evaluate the effectiveness of these reforms and to provide recommendations for DDD to consider. The evaluation will take three years to complete (2022 – 2024) and is informed by extensive literature on evaluation best practices.

This report represents the midway point in the evaluation and presents: (a) an overview of the evaluation approach, (b) initial reflections on findings to date, (c) a description of DDD’s recent initiatives, and (d) next steps planned for the evaluation.

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