Illinois Initiates HCBS-ACT Project

The Home and Community Based Services – Advocates Creating Transformation (HCBS-ACT) project will train people with developmental disabilities, their families and others in Illinois about some changes to rules about services. The training will also show people how they can advocate for their right to receive the best services and supports for them.

The HCBS-ACT project in Illinois will use different ways of teaching people, including in-person trainings, webinars, video clips and other accessible resources. The HCBS-ACT project will also set up a mentoring program for self-advocates and family members to grow in leadership, so that they can teach other people about the rules.

The project is being developed in partnership with the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities, through collaboration among the Council on Quality and Leadership, the Institute on Public Policy for People with Disabilities and the Institute on Disability and Human Development, University of Illinois at Chicago (IDHD).