Massachusetts Holds Building Friendships at Work Webinar

The webinar was presented by Jim Ross from the Widening the Circle project and Rick Hawes from Berkshire County Arc. Presenters shared powerful stories, and offered practical strategies for employment staff to facilitate building relationships in the workplace.

Here are some highlights from the presentation:

  • Friendship is mutually rewarding, reciprocal, and freely given (unpaid).
  • People with friends are happier, healthier, and safer.
  • Effective person-centered planning and job analysis fosters a good job match, which enhances the potential for quality relationships.
  • Developing natural supports in the workplace is key.
  • It’s important to help new workers engage in workplace culture: social rituals, gathering spots, company events, committees, celebrations, etc.
  • The best friendships are ones that go beyond the workplace. Those friendships require support in coordinating amongst work, residential, families, etc.

The information has been compiled into a comprehensive publication, the Building Friendships at Work Toolkit.