Massachusetts is no longer Funding Sheltered Workshops

Massachusetts APSE acknowledged “the leadership of the Department of Developmental Services, and various advocacy organizations in making this happen. It is also important to say thank you to all those organizations in Massachusetts, who have taken on the challenge of phasing out sheltered work. This has not always been an easy process and your efforts are very much appreciated. Also, Massachusetts APSE thanks all the staff who have devoted their jobs and careers to supporting and assisting individuals in sheltered workshops. All of your hard work and dedication to the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities is to be saluted and celebrated. Like the organizations you work for, this transition away from sheltered work has not always been an easy one, but your willingness to support and embrace this effort is so appreciated.


Most importantly, Massachusetts APSE wants to acknowledge and thank individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For those who have spent time in sheltered workshops, thank you for all of your hard work, and thank you as well for your embracing the new opportunities now available in terms of jobs, careers, economic empowerment, and full engagement in community life. Thank you also to individuals and families for your advocacy in making this change happen and ensuring that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Massachusetts are moving towards the day when everyone of working age is employed in a job that maximizes self-sufficiency, and with day-to-day lives fully reflective of the typical lives of those without disabilities.