Policy Analysis and Development

Federal Policy

NASDDDS staff can assist states in understanding federal statutes and regulations and evaluating their impact on state programs. Staff is available to answer states' questions, review documents and proposals, and to strategize solutions.

State Policy

NASDDDS staff track and analyze policy developments across all state agencies. We can provide state agencies with information conduct research on a wide range of policy topic areas and review and comment on proposed state policy.

To Request Technical Assistance

Telephone and email support is available to all member states at any time you need information, an opportunity to sound out ideas, to learn about innovative practices in other states, or to seek clarification on federal rules and policies.

Onsite technical assistance is available and can be arranged through any NASDDDS staff member. To discuss the need for technical assistance and how NASDDDS staff may be most helpful, contact Nancy Thaler, Executive Director at nthaler@nasddds.org or 703-683-4202 or Robin Cooper, Director of Technical Assistance at rcooper@nasddds.org or 608-231-2121.