Michigan Launches New Website about Trauma and Toxic Stress on Children

 The website was developed as part of the Great Start Trauma Informed System initiative, funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  The purpose of the program is to integrate trauma informed practices into Michigan’s comprehensive early childhood system.  According to the Michigan news wire, “toxic stress refers to one or more experiences that threaten the safety and security of individuals.”  The news wire further states that “A growing body of research shows that trauma and toxic stress that happen to young children changes their brains and that caregiver responses are critical in helping children adapt and thrive after exposure to these stressors.”

The new website describes trauma and stress; its effects on young children, and includes resources and tools for interested website visitors with   on-line self-learning, presentations that include information about early brain development, and resources to prevent and reduce the impact of trauma and toxic stress.

 Examples of self-learning units with accompanying presentation materials and resources include: Unit 1: The Science of Early Brain Development) Unit 2: Toxic Stress and the Impact on Child Development  Unit 3: Supporting Recovery and Protective Factors for Young Children. There are accompanying presentation kits, presenter guides, case studies and discussion questions, handouts and tools to test one’s own knowledge.