Michigan Showcasing the Value of Hiring Michiganders with Disabilities Michigan

Lt. Governor Brian Calley and Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein are touring the State telling stories and highlighting businesses that are examples of how companies will benefit from hiring Michiganders with disabilities. “We have already received great feedback while advocating for people with the passion, skills and energy to contribute to our workforce, but just need to be given a chance,” said Justice Richard Bernstein. “We are working to show business leaders what is possible and what can happen when employers give someone with a disability a chance.” Lt. Governor Calley stated, “We continue to hear from employers about struggles to find the right people with the right skills to fill positions within their companies. What we are doing now is asking for employers to take a fresh look at Michiganders with disabilities who have often been overlooked in the past. It’s time we tap into this untapped talent pool and focus on the person first, not the disability. Companies who give talented individuals a chance to succeed will not be disappointed.”