Missouri Utilizes National Core Indicators (NCI)™ Data To Advance Quality

Per a recent announcement, the Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities-Quality Enhancement Unit is distributing a series of At-A-Glance Reports intended to inform and educate stakeholders about the Missouri Quality Outcomes and data from National Core Indicators surveys. The fifth and most recent report in the At-A-Glance series focuses on the Missouri Quality Outcome of Healthy Living. Common health topics are covered, with relevant statistics from NCI and other datasets, as well as resources to help individuals be informed about their health and well-being.

Missouri is another great example of how our states are linking their joint endeavors, supported by NASDDDS and our partners, to highlight quality; increase people’s understanding of data; anchor the Community of Practice tenets of Charting the LifeCourse domains into a way of doing business; and using the information to support actionable change for a broad audience. In Missouri’s case, NCI and the Community of Practice for Supporting Families Across the LifeCourse are woven together.

Several years ago, many elements of the LifeCourse domains were embedded into Missouri’s quality system through the Missouri Quality Outcomes (daily life, community living, social and spirituality, healthy living, safety and security, citizenship and advocacy and supports to families).  Within this framework, there is sample guiding questions provided that are not mandatory but are meant to assist in sparking ideas and enrich conversations with the person and family about their areas of interest and goals on what defines the quality of life.  Missouri, then, captures data on these outcomes to inform policy and practice for continuous improvement.

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