NASDDDS Announces DEI Toolkit Release

In June of 2020, in a Statement on Racial Inequities, NASDDDS made a public Pledge to Action. That action started with a collaborative strategic plan completed by both NASDDDS Board members and NASDDDS staff. In addition, in November of 2021, Regina Rodriguez Sisneros joined NASDDDS as the Director of Equity Initiatives and Systems Innovations. NASDDDS has continued our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) through successful membership education opportunities and bi-monthly DEI Roundtables.

We are working daily to embed DEI into our collective work and to ensure that our team identifies opportunities of inclusion for diverse voices to produce equitable outcomes. From the Strategic Plan, we have modified our vision and mission to incorporate a strong equity commitment and we have established goals as part of each staff person’s responsibilities.

to incorporate DEI into every facet of their work which includes identifying gaps to services, implementing cultural and linguistic accommodations, and ensuring that our partners have the resources necessary to embed DEI within their organizations and work. These efforts are ongoing, our commitment is strong, and our team dedication to DEI continues daily.

As part of this effort, NASDDDS is pleased to soon release our State DEI Toolkit. This toolkit is a step by step guide for states as you continue on your DEI journey. Wherever you may be in this pursuit, the toolkit meets you and your team where you are to assist you in taking that next step and mapping out needed focus areas as you progress.