NASDDDS Honored with Partnership Award

NASHIA Partnership Award 2023 Recipient – National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS)
The Partnership Award recognizes organizations and agencies and individuals who partner, collaborate and provide invaluable assistance to NASHIA in furthering its goal of helping states develop, expand and improve service delivery for individuals with brain injury in order to live and work in the community as independently as possible. Through the Partnership Award, NASHIA recognizes the organization or individual for communicating and sharing the results of their research and/or publications; and otherwise providing technical assistance to states that promote best practices in brain injury service delivery.   NASHIA recognizes that there are a significant number of people living with both developmental disability and brain injury, and that often the state developmental disability and brain injury systems are serving this population together.   NASDDDS and NASHIA have partnered to support states (including Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, and Virginia) and the community of individuals at large who live with multi-occurring conditions through the creation of the LINK Center, a new ACL-funded TA center.  

“It is NASHIA’s sincere pleasure to present the 2023 Partnership Award to NASDDDS. Our ongoing partnership will bring greater resources to our shared communities.”