NASDDDS Podcasts

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Advocacy Series: Involving Advocates in Policy Work

Join Max Barrows and Hasan Ko from Green Mountain Self Advocates as they discuss how state leaders can ensure advocates not only have a seat at the table but are driving forces behind policy work. An inciteful conversation. See podcast transcript at THIS LINK.

State Spotlight: Louisiana’s Collaborative Emergency Response

Hear how Louisiana leveraged their previous disaster experience and relationships with internal and external stakeholders to maximize their I/DD response during the national crisis caused by COVID-19.

State Spotlight: Ohio’s Crisis Communications

Jeff Davis the Director of Ohio’s Department of Developmental Disabilities will focus on Ohio and their outstanding efforts at stakeholder communication throughout this crisis.

If I Was Captain Of This Ship: An Interview With Robin Cooper

Hear from famed Medicaid expert and former NASDDDS staff, Robin Cooper, upon her retirement from the field.  Lessons learned and hopes for the future.

Beacon In The Storm: Technology Use During Emergencies

Hear from experts in the use of technology in the I/DD field from the early days of the pandemic.