NASHP Highlights How States Addressed Health-Related Social and Economic Factors in 2019

Per a recent announcement, the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) tracked the progress of many of the plans governors outlined in their 2019 state of the state and inaugural addresses that focused on the social and economic factors that influence health. The governors’ initiatives included social inequity, housing, education, the environment, jobs, and other priorities. In addition to identifying new initiatives, ten governors unveiled plans to reconfigure their cabinets to better address the conditions that affect health. They proposed cross-agency and public-private collaborations to leverage siloed state resources and coordinate services more efficiently. In 2020, NASHP will continue to follow these and other innovations as state leaders identify new approaches and take additional actions. NASHP seeks to showcase states that are looking upstream to tackle these issues. Please email information about your state’s progress so NASHP can share your accomplishments nationally. 

Source: NASHP

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