NCI recommended as a LTSS Measure for the 2019-20 Medicaid Adult CORE Measure set

Annually, CMCS convenes a workgroup consisting of experts in the Medicaid field at large, including several present and former state Medicaid Agency Directors, health care plans, advocates and hospital system representatives.  Long Term services and supports is a service category that has proved challenging for Medicaid measure development for the past few years.  It is a significant accomplishment for NCI to be among the earliest measures recommended by this esteemed  group for inclusion in the Medicaid Adult Core Measure set.  Inclusion requires that a minimum of two-thirds of the workgroup vote in favor;  NCI received 75% of the workgroup’s support. 

The work group was convened through CMCS contractor Mathematica whose webpage describes the core sets as “…The Core Sets are important tools states can use to monitor and improve the quality of health care provided to Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries.”

 NCI member states have contributed to the development and rigorous analysis of the domains and indicators for the past 22 years.  This rigorous and unwavering commitment to refining and continuously improving NCI has resulted in a stable and robust set of measures that meet the needs of all participating states.  This hard work and commitment to using NCI has made it the strong and dependable voice of our customers that it is today.  

Here is a link to the Adult Core Measures Workgroup  which  provides information on the workgroup’s process and documents in support of their proceedings. 

 This link leads to the CMCS Adult Core Measure Set webpage.  We anticipate this will be updated for the 2019-20 Fiscal Year sometime after August 1.