New Jersey Offers State Rental Assistance Program Vouchers

According to a recent news release, New Jersey is initiating efforts to reduce homelessness by issuing 12 nonprofit organizations to manage the distribution of 500 State Rental Assistance Program (SRAP) vouchers and service funding through a new program in New Jersey announced by Governor Christie in March, known as “Housing First.”

 “Housing First is an innovative, nationally recognized approach to ending homelessness.  The program has been successful in keeping the costliest, most vulnerable, long-term and chronically homeless patients stably housed, dramatically reducing unnecessary hospitalizations, emergency room visits and incarcerations. Under the New Jersey Housing First program, 500 tenant-based rental vouchers will be allocated to chronically homeless households and/or homeless veterans who are high utilizers of public systems.  The initiative provides $5.4 million in annualized funding for rental assistance and $250,000 in additional funding for coordinated services.”