New York Employment First Commission Releases Report and Recommendations

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an Executive Order last September 2014, creating a commission to establish an employment first policy for the state. In order to facilitate the creation of an employment first policy, the commission held public listening sessions and received input from stakeholders across the state. The employment first commission has released a report that includes recommendations that “build on the economic development investments Governor Cuomo has made to ensure that individuals with disabilities equally benefit from the improved economy.”

 Highlights of some of the recommendations within the report include:

  • Creating an employment first culture through cultural modeling by state agencies and community-based organizations;
  • Supporting a business first platform to promote existing tax credits and pursue federal contracts;
  • Adoption of the New York Employment Services System (NYESS) by all agencies that provide employment supports to foster employment data collection and exchange of employment information; and,
  • Ensuring knowledge of the impact of benefits for people as they explore employment options so they can make educated and informed choices about work;
  • Initiative to test the impact of early employment supports coupled with services and significant family involvement.