North Carolina Proposes Budget Priorities to Support Families

The article states that “these investments will continue to build on the work Governor McCrory began in 2013 to reform the state’s Medicaid program and establish the Crisis Solutions Initiative to address mental health and substance use issues.   After four years of Medicaid shortfalls totaling $2 billion under the previous administration, North Carolina’s Medicaid program is now on target.” 

Governor McCrory outlined several priorities including:

  • Expanding Medicaid services for people with developmental disabilities and Autism 
    • Adding 250 Medicaid Innovations Waiver slots to provide the needed services to help individuals with developmental disabilities live successful lives in the community. ($2.5 million) 
  •  Building on the 2015 law that expanded Autism health insurance coverage by ensuring families who rely on Medicaid for support to have the ability to access the same services for loved ones with autism. Under this initiative, the Department of Health and Human Services will issue clear guidance to Local Management Entities-Managed Care Organizations to ensure that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder receive consistent statewide services under Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment. The Department of Health and Human Services will also begin working with stakeholders to develop a Medicaid State Plan Amendment that outlines delivery of research-based intensive behavioral health treatments.