Ohio Develops PSA to Recruit Direct Care Workers

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) collaborated with partners in their administration to develop a public service announcement campaign to increase the recruitment of direct care workers. This campaign invests over $1 million to promote direct care jobs in Ohio over the next few months. The materials are being featured on TV, streaming services, radio, social media, billboards, and other print materials. Ads will encourage Ohioans to consider direct care jobs as their employment and will direct them to ohiomeansjobs.com/directcare

Ohio launched the webpage, https://ohiomeansjobs.ohio.gov/directcare, in order to have a central landing page to send people looking for direct care jobs. This landing page will be used during the campaign and long-term to find direct care jobs in the developmental disabilities, aging, and mental health space. From this page, interested applicants will be able to see job listings specific to direct support professionals (DSPs) in the developmental disabilities system.