Ohio Launches Autism Spectrum Disorder Training

Ohio soon launched the ASD Strategies in Action, a groundbreaking online and mobile friendly video training program that provides practical information and skills, demonstrated with real-life examples, filmed in a variety of settings, for those who interact with individuals with ASD.

“This program gives families and service providers – even in the most rural areas of our state – the tools they need to effectively care for, support, educate, employ, and work with individuals on the autism spectrum from early childhood to young adulthood,” said Shawn Henry, Executive Director of OCALI (the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence). “With this new program, we are empowering Ohio families and exporting hope to families across the country and globe. This is just the beginning of this exciting program.”

Powered by OCALI, ASD Strategies in Action is a collaborative effort across multiple state agencies to put information into the hands of more people with the goal of making life better for the individuals, parents, and families we serve together.

“ASD Strategies in Action takes Ohio’s leadership in autism to the next level,” said DODD Director John Martin. “A better trained support staff means a better quality of life for individuals and families.”

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