Pennsylvania Highlight: CoP Quality Improvement

Pennsylvania’s (PA) Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) reflects the core belief that “all people have the right to live, love, work, play, learn and have the life that they want” in the mission to support Pennsylvanians with developmental disabilities to achieve greater independence, choice, and opportunity in their lives.  PA is continually working to connect their efforts and initiatives to support people in “everyday life.” 

In 2020, the PA Supporting Families Statewide Leadership Team developed a new quality management plan in support of ODP’s Information Sharing and Advisory Committee (ISAC) Recommendation: Support Families Throughout the Lifespan.  The elements of the Supporting Families Quality Management plan are influenced by several factors including the Charting the LifeCourse framework and service definitions of supports coordination.  The team identified the desired outcome that families and individuals receive information and support when and how they need it. 

ODP uses the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle for quality improvement to plan and implement strategies, measure performance using multiple data sources, embed successful practices, and continuously work to achieve the Everyday Lives outcomes identified in each ISAC Recommendation.  More information about Everyday Lives, ISAC recommendations, and quality management efforts can be found at MyODP: Everyday Lives: Publications.

Currently, PA is measuring performance using a family and an individual survey developed by the Supporting Families team, with the target objective to establish a baseline for the number of family members who report supports coordinators help them get support they need when they need it. The survey responses will be anonymous and will be reviewed by ODP’s PA Team for Supporting Families. The results will be used to generate averages which will be shared with ODP staff, ODP’s Advisory Committee (ISAC), and the National Community of Practice for Supporting Families.

The team plans to:

  • Review the data and determine next steps
  • Develop an at-a-glance document to share the results of the survey with ISAC, ODP staff, supports coordination, organizations and other stakeholders
  • Connect with PA’s Regional Collaboratives for Supporting Families to continue the feedback loop

The PA Supporting Families (CoP State Team) plays a crucial role in helping to inform and design quality measures and processes that reflect the principles of the CtLC framework and supporting families.  ODP has leveraged the network of CoP leaders across the state (including strong self-advocate and family representation) to ensure that are driven by the person and their family.

Source: National CoP for Supporting Families August Highlights and Updates