Post-Secondary ID Program Standards Introduced

Per a recent article in Disability Scoop, accreditation standards are on the horizon that are intended to be used as a baseline to assess the hundreds of postsecondary programs across the nation serving students with intellectual disabilities.  The standards, which are years in the making, are outlined in a report sent to the U.S. Secretary of Education and federal lawmakers in May and are designed to offer a way to judge the quality of the programs that have cropped up at colleges and universities across the country.

In recent years, the number of postsecondary programs for students with intellectual disabilities has exploded, with more than 300 now available. However, the offerings are far from identical per the article, differing in everything from their focus to their length, level of campus integration, and more. With price tags that can rival traditional college tuition, families have been left on their own to determine whether programs are up to snuff.

Source: Disability Scoop

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