Stay at Home Orders

As states are increasingly issuing various degrees of “stay-at-home” orders, we want to assist our member DD agencies while they consider implications for Direct Support Professionals, providers, and the services offered within each state system. Please find three elements states can choose to include in “stay-at-home” and emergency response executive orders across states:

  • When defining “critical businesses” and “necessary activities” which are exempt from the stay home requirements, the executive order can include DSPs and other direct contact providers of supports to people with disabilities, in order to assure they can continue to leave their homes and show up to work.
  • When defining “essential health personnel” Governors can include DSPs and other providers who deliver necessary supervision and supports to people with disabilities in order to ensure they are identified on EMA lists for priority access to Personal Protective Equipment.
  • When identifying “health care providers necessary for the state’s response to COVID-19”, executive orders can include DSP’s providing support to people with disabilities, which would include DSPs in the exemption from recently passed expanded paid sick and family and medical leave.