Massachusetts Releases Interagency Transition Teams Database

Per a recent announcement, the Massachusetts Partnership for Transition to Employment (MPTE) has compiled a searchable database to highlight interagency transition teams that work collaboratively to better serve youth with disabilities in Massachusetts. Community members can use this data base to connect with transition focused efforts in each community. The project is designed to improve employment outcomes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities transitioning from school to adult life. 

The website identifies research that has shown cross-system collaboration can have a positive impact on transition outcomes. Interagency transition teams are one approach that is being used in some parts of Massachusetts and in other states. 

According to the announcement, interagency transition teams identify training needs; communicate state policies and practices; connect schools and students to resources; and develop action plans to solve regional and/or district-based transition challenges. The teams also facilitate communication and collaboration among school districts, state agencies, local service providers, and families toward the goal of improving adult outcomes for students.

Source: Massachusetts Employment First February 2020 Newsletter

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