Get Involved!

Representing the views of state I/DD officials for more than 50 years

The association’s goal is to promote and assist state agencies in developing effective, efficient service delivery systems that furnish high-quality supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The best way to take advantage of all NASDDDS has to offer is to get involved!

There are many ways members can get involved and make the most of NASDDDS’ services!

Attend a NASDDDS Conference

NASDDDS traditionally hosts two conferences per year-one in the spring and one in the fall. These events provide our members unprecedented access to cutting-edge topic discussions; networking opportunities; and expert presentations in a flexible format. Members receive discounted access.

Engage in NASDDDS Projects

NASDDDS projects are multi-state endeavors to improve services and supports through learning collaboratives. State I/DD agencies have always been the laboratory for new ideas including person-centered practices, family support services, supported employment services, and self-determination. To take new ideas to scale however, states must often redesign policies, develop new practices, and implement system-wide change initiatives.

Join the ListServ

NASDDDS hosts a ListServ for state intellectual and developmental disabilities services directors and their staff. The ListServ reaches over 800 key decision makers in the field facilitating networking, peer support, and national coordination.  The ListServ is for members only.  To request to be added to the list email

Participate in a Topical Group

NASDDDS has affinity groups and topic-based work groups for almost every area of interest in the I/DD field. Some groups have members who are selected as a representative sample of the field and are invitation only. Others are open to all member states and state staff who are interested. Further, each NASDDDS project hosts meetings and events for those participating and interested in participating. If we do not offer your area of expertise, get in touch with us! We are always refining our offerings to meet member needs.

Affinity Groups

Joining an affinity group is a great way for members to get involved with NASDDDS! See some of our exciting offerings below:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Roundtable Series
  • Quality Managers
  • Waiver Managers
  • Medical and Clinical Directors

See our calendar of events or contact Carrie McGraw at for more information.

National Policy Work Group

NASDDDS maintains a National Policy Work Group (NPWG) as a standing committee of the board, made up of a chairperson and eight member state directors. This work group assists the Board of Directors and staff in formulating association positions on national policy issues of significance to state I/DD agencies. The work group meets in conjunction with membership meetings and convenes virtual meetings on a quarterly basis.

For information about the National Policy Work Group contact Dan Berland, Director of Federal Policy at

Research Committee

The research committee operates as a standing committee of the board and consists of a subgroup of NASDDDS directors and executive level staff along with non-association members acting in an ex officio role. These members are subject matter experts in data driven research within the I/DD field. Joining the group is a select process. The group meets at least quarterly to review best practices; field advancements; and make recommendations for needed areas of focus in I/DD research both for NASDDDS projects and the larger I/DD community.

Receive Technical Assistance

NASDDDS knows the business of operating state services systems for people with disabilities and their families.

We are former state directors of I/DD systems; CMS policy analysts; state managed care directors; Medicaid waiver administrators; service providers; and program and policy experts. We offer a powerful combination of subject matter expertise, practical experience, and operational know-how.

NASDDDS staff can provide assistance in developing policy; programs; quality management and performance measurement systems; the full-range of Medicaid home and community-based service options; managed care; person-centered practices; support coordination services; employment; and system design and strategic planning. Find out more about NASDDDS technical assistance at this link.

Stay Up To Date

NASDDDS continually monitors state and national policy developments and initiatives affecting persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities and the programs that serve them. NASDDDS offers in depth-topical briefs; member alerts; and regular publications distributed via the ListServ.

Take Part in Member Education Events

The association’s primary role and mission is to assist member state agencies in building person-centered systems of support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families.   A primary means of achieving this goal is through member education and peer sharing opportunities.