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Federal Perspectives

Federal Perspectives (formerly Perspectives) provides a concise summary of national policy developments and initiatives affecting persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities and the programs that serve them. From bills pending before Congress on health care reform, to changes in federal-state Medicaid policies and the shift of government responsibility from Washington to the states, Federal Perspectives keeps readers in tune with the latest national issues shaping publicly funded disability services. As its name denotes, Federal Perspectives takes a step back to examine the implications of federal developments on the delivery of services to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

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Community Services Reporter (CSR)

Community Services Reporter (CSR) is the only newsletter in the U.S. reporting exclusively on state and local efforts in supporting and serving individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families. Topics covered in CSR include state service initiatives such as new service designs; financial management strategies; supports for self-advocacy; key state legislation; facility closures; litigation summaries; research developments, and budget overviews.

Link to CSR online.

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