Dual Diagnosis Capacity Building Institute

NASDDDS, with support from the NADD and NASMHPD, invites states to join the Capacity Building Institute for Individuals with I/DD and Mental Health Support Needs (CBI). This optional NASDDDS member benefit is designed to build capacity to serve people with a dual diagnosis of I/DD and mental health/behavioral health support needs.


State I/DD agencies strive to enhance quality HCBS supports for people with I/DD who also have mental/behavioral health needs. NASDDDS members often come together to discuss their successes, ideas, challenges, and aspirations to support people well.  The states find themselves challenged to scale promising practices to support individuals with these complex needs to have good lives in the community and to support their families and providers in the acquisitions of skillsets to enable that success

Through conversations with members and partners, NASDDDS devised a strategy to borrow from the strong practice in use in Pennsylvania to build and maintain system capacity across and within the I/DD and mental health systems.  Leveraging the Pennsylvania approach as a model, we are pleased to offer the capacity-building institute for interested NASDDDS member agencies in an effort to bring to scale nationwide the effective approaches to team-building and collective learning that have been so successful in Pennsylvania.  

For questions or further information about the NASDDDS I/DD and MH Capacity Building Institute, please contact Stacy Nonnemacher at snonnemacher@nasddds.org