California Finalizing Plans to Close Remaining Institutions

The state plans to move 776 people residing in the facilities into community-based homes. “This plan ensures that individuals may safely and successfully transition into the community,” said Jennifer Alfaro, a spokeswoman for the group. “California has successfully closed other developmental] centers, which demonstrates we know how to do this right.”

“As part of the closure plan, the state is also creating community crisis homes across the state, which have many clinical services built in for individuals with complex physical issues. It is also creating homes that offer “enhanced behavioral supports,” such as medical staff members with special training.”

“Over the past two decades, the state has been moving individuals with developmental disabilities into the community. At the system’s peak in 1968, 10 large developmental centers housed more than 13,000 patients.”

The plan was out for public comment and the state’s final proposal will be presented to the legislature next month.