FDA Bans Electrical Stimulation Devices

NASDDDS is pleased to announce that after much advocacy, the FDA has finalized a ban on electrical stimulation devices intended to dissuade self-injurious or aggressive behaviors. We owe a debt of gratitude to the work of the NASDDDS membership who was clear in its opposition to this practice. In addition, numerous NASDDDS staff played a key role in the evolution of the regulation, as did many of our partners, disability advocates, and professionals who have paved the way.

“While there were many selfless individuals and organizations who demonstrated tenacity on this issue, we are proud of the role that NASDDDS members and staff took in the final issuance of this regulation,” said NASDDDS Executive Director, Mary Sowers. “I would like to especially thank Nancy Thaler, former NASDDDS Executive Director and former Deputy Secretary at the Office of Developmental Programs in Pennsylvania, who was among those who provided public testimony at the hearings. The ability of our membership to coalesce around matters of importance to those with I/DD and the community at large continues to push our work forward and ensure the civil rights of people with disabilities.”

 FDA Press Release:  LINK

Link to FDA Regulation: LINK

 NASDDDS will be providing further analysis of the regulation and its implications in the next several days.  Stay tuned.