Indiana Issues Grant Opportunity Focusing on Community Based Programs

The Indiana Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services’ (DDRS), Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS), has released a Request for Funds (RFF) opportunity to award grants to eligible Medicaid Waiver providers to support the transformation of their organizational structures and service delivery models from a facility-based to a community-based service delivery model with a focus on community-based employment. The intended outcome during the contracted period is that a targeted number of adults with I/DD will obtain individual integrated community-based employment for at least minimum wage or engage in self-employment with the same income level expectation.
In general, respondents to this RFF will propose to transform their governance, organizational structure, business/fiscal models, and programmatic practices to increase the delivery of integrated employment services and reduce the use of facility-based services while creating roadmaps for other BDDS providers to do the same.

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