Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development Releases Report on Housing Efforts.

The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) releases the DHCD Fiscal Year 2016 Annual Report  on its Housing efforts.  

DHCD works with communities across the state to provide safe, affordable housing opportunities for families, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities.According to the report, “the agency is committed to promoting and preserving homeownership through the Maryland Mortgage Program. Through various tax credits, loans and grants, they supported 44 projects which created or preserved nearly 4,700 affordable rental units and supported almost 15,000 jobs.”

 In addition, they launched a number of special initiatives to help revitalize cities and towns throughout Maryland. Project C.O.R.E. (Creating Opportunities for Renewal and Enterprise) is a partnership between Baltimore City and the state to provide redevelopment opportunities for Baltimore to flourish.