Minnesota Proposing New Services to Help People with Disabilities Find Paying Jobs

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has proposed new employment services to ensure more Minnesotans with disabilities can seek, retain and maintain paying jobs of their choice in the community.  

 The article states that Competitive employment is not only personally rewarding but can be a way out of poverty for people with disabilities, which is good for people and good for Minnesota,” said Human Services Commissioner Emily Piper . “Reforming employment services will mean more people with disabilities will find work in the community. Not everyone will choose to work for pay but everyone will have opportunities to explore what they would like to do.”

 Gov. Dayton’s budget calls for three new government-financed employment services to transform current employment services for people with disabilities. They are:

  • Employment exploration services to introduce a person to competitive employment opportunities through individualized education, work experiences and support services. This will allow the person to make an informed decision about working in competitively paying jobs in the community.
  • Employment development services, which are individualized services that will help a person to achieve paid employment in their community, including becoming self-employed or establishing a small businesses.
  • Employment support services, which are individualized services and supports that will help people maintain paid employment in community businesses. Services will be provided in settings where a person can interact with co-workers and others without disabilities.