Missouri Strives for Operational Excellence

According to a recent state newsletter, the Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH), which includes the Division of Developmental Disabilities, has joined other Missouri government agencies to transform how they do business through Operational Excellence (OpEx). The newsletter states, “Each state agency has committed to providing a state government that is more focused, more efficient, and one that delivers quality services to citizens. To assist DMH in transformation efforts, several statewide efforts have been initiated, including agency placemats, Quarterly Pulse Surveys, and a MO Learning initiative.”

 “The DMH Placemat is a document that summarizes shared goals and change priorities of the Department; it is not a comprehensive strategic plan, but a working document to capture and track current priority initiatives. This keeps the workforce focused on a common goal and where Missouri is headed as a department.

 The Quarterly Pulse Survey was developed to monitor how agencies are progressing on efforts to improve agency direction, leadership, accountability, motivation and external orientation. This survey is an employee survey the State of Missouri is using to better understand its organizational health and how they are progressing on major cross-department initiatives.

 MO Learning is a new professional development resource for all State of Missouri team members. It is powered by LinkedIn Learning and provides team members with access to thousands of online learning courses. With 24/7 access, this resource encourages and supports team member training and growth anytime, anywhere.