New Jersey Establishes Consumer and Family Leadership Group

While details are still being finalized, the draft proposal for the CFL communications initiative is as follows: 

  • To convene a meeting once per month at the DDD Central Office in Hamilton with the Assistant Commissioner and members of the Division’s Executive Management Team as needed and appropriate depending on the discussion agenda
  • To have the Division identify a core group of Consumer and Family Leadership (CFL) member representatives of a diverse cross-section of the Division’s overall constituency (e.g., different areas of the state, different disability types, different residential settings, etc.)
  • To publish/market the CFL meeting schedule and agenda so that individuals not identified as core CFL members have a regular opportunity to register for and attend CFL meetings
  • To alternate between a day-time meeting and an evening meeting, in order to accommodate as many participants as possible over the long term
  • To share a summary of monthly CFL meeting content with the broad stakeholder community

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