New Mexico Releases Managed Care Concept Paper

The New Mexico (NM) Human Services Department (HSD) is looking at improvements to the Centennial Care (NM Medicaid managed care) program that can be implemented in the “second generation” of that program, which they call “Centennial Care 2.0”.  The program modernizes the Medicaid program by improving efficiency and effectiveness of the health care delivery system, integrates physical, behavioral and long-term care services and supports, advances person-centered models and slows the rate of growth in program cost. 

There are many areas of consideration addressed in the paper, the below reflects opportunities in care coordination:

  • Increasing care coordination at the provider level so that members are being supported by patient centered medical home (PCMH) models.
  • Improve transitions of care for members being discharged from inpatient and nursing homes stays.
  • Leverage partnerships to expand successful programs that target high-need populations, such as community health representatives educating members about how to best navigate the delivery system.