Pennsylvania Designs Quality Management Certification

Participants will complete four prerequisite webcast modules—Introduction to Quality Management (QM), Using Information and Tools for QM, QM Planning, and Quality Improvement (QI) Teams—then join together for in-person training. During these face-to-face sessions, participants will form groups and simulate the activities of QI Teams as they move through the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle for improvement with the support of the Office’s QM staff.


ODP’s QM Certification Curriculum has been piloted internally and will soon be rolled out to stakeholders across the Commonwealth by geographic location. The curriculum fosters opportunities for stakeholders to join together to improve outcomes for individuals and families through networking and collaboration in areas prioritized for change and improvement by the Office’s Information Sharing and Advisory Committee (ISAC). QI Teams will consider data gathered through Pennsylvania’s Independent Monitoring for Quality (IM4Q), National Core Indicators (NCI), and other data sources. Team members will identify baselines and targets, then develop strategies to support priorities including increasing opportunities for integrated employment, promoting self-direction, supporting families, and enhancing participation in the community.

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