Texas Releases Long-Term Services and Supports Quality Review Report

The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) released a Long-Term Services and Supports Quality Review Report that focuses on whether persons receiving services and supports through DADS are satisfied. In order to measure satisfaction, DADS used data from three survey instruments that measure specific consumer indicators: the National Core Indicators Adult Consumer (NCI) and Child and Family Surveys (CF), and the Participant Experience Survey Elderly/Disabled (PES).

According to the report, the surveys identified many positive outcomes. The following presents a sample of these findings:

  • Respondents reported overwhelming satisfaction with their residence (84 percent to 99 percent), jobs, and day programs (89 percent to 96 percent);
  • Texas adults with I/DD received more routine and preventive health care than people with I/DD nationally, and also received significantly higher rates of care on six of 11 health indicators;
  • More than 75 percent of participants in all programs reported that they know their case managers, and they are satisfied with service availability (76 percent to 95 percent);
  • More than 93 percent of adults with physical disabilities reported their services and supports addressed their health and well-being;
  • More than eight of every 10 adults with IDD were happy with their personal lives;
  • Services and supports made a positive difference in respondents’ lives;
  • About half of the respondents reported that they earn enough money to buy the things they want;
  • Participants’ health and welfare appear to be protected, as reports of staff disrespect, neglect or abuse are very low and people are generally satisfied with their services.