Vermont Announces New Director

According to a recent state communication, Ms. Clare McFadden has recently been appointed as the Vermont Director of the Developmental Disabilities Services Division (DDSD).  The announcement states that “Ms. McFadden is a long-time state employee; that has worked in state government, in developmental services, for almost 25 years. As the DDSD Assistant Director, she has been responsible for supporting the Directors, and carrying out duties during transitions and policy and planning work of the Division. She started providing direct support services in 1983 and worked in a variety of positions in community-based services supporting people with developmental disabilities.  She began working at Vermont Developmental Disabilities Services Division in 1990.  She has been involved in quality oversight of provider agencies, PASRR, development of autism services, children’s services and division operations and administration.  Her focus throughout has been of developing and supporting the community-based system of care for individuals with developmental disability and their families.

NASDDDS wishes Ms. McFadden congratulations in her new role!