CCD Urges Extension of Dependent Tax Credits to Adult Dependents

The Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (CCD) and allies have issued a letter in support of the “All Dependent Children Count Act” and the “All Dependents Count Act,” efforts to provide dependent stimulus payments to adult dependents, many of whom are people with disabilities. The CARES Act provided economic impact payments to people to help them meet their financial obligations during the COVID-19 crisis and provided $500 dependent credits for qualifying children in recognition of the financial needs of families with dependents.

However, while the CARES Act exempts from the full stimulus payments any “individual with respect to whom a deduction under section 151 is allowable to another taxpayer for a taxable year beginning in the calendar year in which the individual’s taxable year begins” it only provides the $500 dependent credit for children younger than 17, with the result that adults with disabilities and others who are dependents neither receive the full $1200 stimulus payment nor the additional $500 credit, providing them with no direct financial support during this time. Both bills address this gap and CCD urges inclusion of similar language in the next coronavirus relief package. 

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