NASDDDS COVID-19 Library of Topical Resources for States

NASDDDS has generated topical briefs immediately relevant to state I/DD systems as they coordinate responses to the COVID-19 global health crisis. These resources are offered to our membership along with intensive technical assistance. NASDDDS is providing these resources on our website in an effort to provide open resources to assist the response efforts.

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NASDDDS requests that you provide full credit when using, sharing, or referencing this information in whole or in part.  Alteration of this information without express permission is prohibited. Please contact Carrie McGraw at for more information on information rights or accessibility questions.

COVID-19 NASDDDS Topic Briefs

NASDDDS COVID-19 Response: Operational Considerations (3/24/2020)

NASDDDS COVID-19 Response: Provision of Case Management (3/25/2020)

NASDDDS COVID-19 Response: Appendix K (4/7/2020)

NASDDDS COVID-19 Response: MOE Requirements Brief  (4/16/2020)

NASDDDS COVID-19 Response: Protecting Health & Welfare (4/23/2020)

NASDDDS COVID-19 Response: Restoration of Day & Employment Programs (4/6/2020)

NASDDDS COVID-19 Response: PASRR Considerations (4/6/2020)

NASDDDS COVID-19 Response: ICF/IID Guidance (4/6/2020)

NASDDDS COVID-19 Response: Considerations for Retainer Payments (6/18/2020)

COVID-19 State Response Podcasts

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State Spotlight: Ohio’s Crisis Communications

State Spotlight: Missouri’s Ensuring Health Through Technology

State Spotlight: Pennsylvania’s Eye to Recovery

COVID-19 Webinars and Topical Calls

Waiver Quality Measures Webinar

COVID-19 State and National Resources

Approved 1135 Waivers

Approved Appendix K